Kim Kardashian Meltdown Over Kris Jenner And Sister Khloe’s Drunken Behaviour ‘Totally Scripted’

Kris Jenner: Jay Leno ‘Responsible’ for Naming Kim Kardashian’s Baby (Video)

Before continuing: On the upcoming show, Kris decides to take Khloe out for the night to cheer up her daughter. They got wasted drunk and went over to Kims, which all seemed very spontaneous, but was planned well in advance with Kim fully aware before the prank went down that her house was going to be covered with toilet paper. She was never going to call the cops on her mum and Khloe.” “Its just insulting that they are trying to pass this off as how they really live their lives. And Radar Online also state that this isn’t the first time that KUWTK have been accused of faking their shows, with Kim and Kris having a “heart-to-heart” about the break down of Kim’s marriage during an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. The episode featured the two women in the back of a limo in the fall of 2011. But, the site says that the women were in Dubai in October, and the heart to heart scene was shot in December and inserted into the episode, before it was aired in Jan 2012.

Kim Kardashian Disobeys Kris Jenner Baby Lock-down Order

How much do you think Kim will sell the pics for? Pass this on! Facebook Twitter Email Comment An inside family source tells full Kim Kardashian sex tape Radar if Kim went out that night she would have been photographed, and that would cause the bargaining price for North’s pics to go down! Logical. But, did you really think outgoing Kim would listen to her mom’s advice and stay home? If you did then think again!

While some have been a little worried about Kanye being too busy to help Kim Kardashian parent their newborn, turns out he’s making sure he’s far from busy. An insider revealed what kind of daddy Yeezy has turned into: “He doesn’t leave North for more than an hour. Kanye holds the baby all the time.” It sure seems true! We’ve barely seen him since the big day.

Kanye West Is A Doting Dad In Every Aspect, But He Wants Kim Kardashian To Take Over Diaper Duty?!

During an appearance on NBCs The Tonight Show on Friday, Leno played Jenner footage of his interview with Kardashian from March, in which he brought up an Internet rumor claiming North would be the babys name. Kardashian denied the rumor, but according to Jenner, had second thoughts after taping the show. This is a true story, and I am not messing with you, Jenner told Leno. She called me and she goes, You know what? Somebody had mentioned the name before. I never really took it seriously.


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