Kim Kardashian’s Charity Auction Isn’t Giving Much To Charity

“At the end of the day, she’s an 18-year-old woman,” he said. “She’s allowed to do whatever she wants. I’m her brother. I’ll always protect her.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West once again busted out of their NYC hotel on Sunday to catch a showing of Hunger Games: Catching Fire , and this time they established a united front with matching leather jackets. Kim wore her BLK DNM number with ripped jeans and Balenciaga pumps, while ‘Ye layered his over a gray sweatshirt and leather pants. Afterwards, on the way to Madison Square Garden for Kanye’s show, they even stopped to pose with some lucky fans ! And we have to mention that Kim looks much more comfortable under the glare of paparazzi lights than her baby daddy, but then again, she has had way more practice!

Some fans even questioned whether Kim even paid for the merchandise herself or whether it was gifted to her. If this indeed is true, shame on you, said another fan. How can you even sleep at night? If this is indeed all facts, you would easily make the list of the top sleaziest profiteers in history.

So give them too her. Dollar bills. That’s what she wants. [ Us Weekly ] RELATED: Here’s Everything That Earned Lars Von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’ a Red-Band Trailer Jessica Chastain says that she would pose nude, but not for Playboy. So…


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